Yoga East


Monica's son Sasha

Monica's son Peter



Monica and her sons Peter & Sasha with Bodhi


Monica, Baby Peter and Sasha 1979

as we prepare the mosaic for The Children's Museum exhibition.



Monica and Franco with Bodhi celebrating our wedding

anniversary 1968-2012.


Our dog BODHI.

Monica & Bodhi Summer 2013


Monica and Bodhi (below at Breakheart Reservation)                  Peter has taught Bodhi to be left-pawed!

Sasha, Monica & Bodhi at home of Robert Frost


Monica & Bodhi New Year's Eve 2014


My son Peter at Craigie on Main 2013

Sasha & Bodhi Winter in front of our home 2013


Special Dinner at our home with Joannie, Della, Monica, Bodhi, Jean & Denise


January 2014  Students with our Lama Tsering after a marvelous Dharma Talk

Top row: Leila Tutela, Cheri Butler, Diana Schilke, AnnMarie Gallivan, Brenda Rancatore

Middle row: Monica Veneziano, Lama Tsering, Chris Bavaro, Mary Dawson

Bottom row: Joanne Ritchie, Robin Fleischer, Becky Graves



Some students of the Buddhist Studies class go with Monica

out to Barre, MA to the Buddhist Center for Buddhist Studies to hear

Joseph Goldstein on October 17, 2009.

Linda Preston, Kathy Smith, Joan Prevett, Joseph Goldstein, Nancy Singleton, Anne Pedi

Cheri Butler and Monica Veneziano



Peter and Sasha tending to the Prayer Flags in our Yard which were made by all of the students.

We actually had 600 of them! On each flag students wrote a sacred passage and adorned them

with calligraphy, art, drawings so that the precious prayers would blow in the wind and reach

all sentient beings everywhere.
















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