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I am honored to once again bring to you a Dharma Talk with Lama Tsering.

Sending Loving-kindness prayers to the parts of the world that
are in crisis now. How can we help?

Sunday, May 15, 2016, 10 am - Noon

Home of Monica Veneziano
77 Nowell Road, Melrose MA 02176
781 - 662 - 9745

Due to limited space, it is necessary to pay in advance
so that we may hold your space. Thank you.


TSERING NGODUP is a lama, a spiritual teacher, authorized to teach by

HH ShaMar Rinpoche. He has devoted over 20 years to sharing the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.

He is currently a Chaplain at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

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 TUITION: $25.00





Will begin in September of 2016.
SUNDAY EVENINGS 6:30-8:30 pm

We will be reading:

"On the Path to Enlightenment" by Matthieu Ricard

View a Dharma Talk with Matthieu Ricard:

The habits of happiness | Video on

Facilitated by Monica Veneziano

8 sessions/$240


The Syllabus is listed below.

Matthieu Ricard is from France and has been a Tibetan Buddhist Monk for almost 40 years. He has had the great privilege of studying directly with some of the great teachers. His previous career was as a cellular geneticist. He is an active participant in the current scientific research on the effects of meditation on the brain.

Ricard is an intellectual, a scholar and yet able to convey the important wisdom teachings in a comprehensive and easily understood manner. This rich anthology is uplifting and brings to us the wonderment of the Buddha's teachings covering a wide range of the Dharma from ancient times up to the present age.

Tuition: $240


Turning the Mind to the Spiritual Path

Session 1:


Ch. 1 The Value of Human Experience
Ch. 2 Reflections on Impermanence and Death
Ch. 3 From Seed to Fruit (law of cause & effect)

Session 2:


Ch. 4 The Inherent Unsatisfactoriness of the World
Conditioned by Ignorance
Ch. 5 Giving Up the Causes of Suffering


The Foundations of Practice

Session 3:


Ch. 6 Taking Refuge
Ch. 7 Altruistic Love and Compassion

Session 4:


Ch. 8 The Six Perfections
Ch. 9 Purifying Obscurations and Acquiring Merit

The Main Path
Session 5

Ch. 10 The Spiritual Master
Ch. 11 Understanding the Nature of the Mind

Session 6:

Ch. 12 The Hermit
Ch. 13 Deepening Spiritual Practice
Ch. 14 View, Meditation and Action


Removing Obstacles and Making Progress in the Practice

Session 7:


Ch. 15 Exposing Faults

Session 8:


Ch. 16 Overcoming Inner Demons

Appendix: The 8 Great Chariots of Tibetan Buddhism


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History, Mythology & the Dharma

Monica Veneziano, M.S.

  • Noon- 3 pm plus Q&A to end at 4 pm
  • Location: Melrose

Tuition: $35

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Not long ago, I gave a 3-hour seminar on “Understanding Buddhism”

to a large group of students in a Yoga Teacher

Training course at the Yoga Loft in Wilmington. It was so well

received that the subsequent Q&A lasted one hour!

Many of those students had attended my sacred art performance:

“Journey with the Buddha.”

They said that in the seminar they were able to learn so much more.

Which I can fully understand because the format is a teaching

seminar with a focus entirely on Buddhism.


This wonderful experience became the impetus to offer the seminar

again in my home. Together we will cross the threshold of religious

and cultural barriers to realize our common humanity.


The seminar will include:


The historical origins of Buddhism.

Its chronological development.

The transformations that it takes as the "wheel of the dharma" rolls into many countries over the centuries.

The mythology.

The dharma - the Universal Wisdom Teachings.


You will be given a hand-out with a list of the foreign words

in the order in which they are presented during the seminar.



















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